Used Books? More Like Born Again Books!

(Photo credit: The Bibliotaphe Closet)

I’m what you’d call a book shopaholic. I stalk the many aisles looking for that perfect book to add to my collection. I like to imagine that the books are waiting for me like the little green aliens in Toy Story wait for the claw.

“The claw chooses who will go and who will stay”

So it’s no surprise why used book stores have a special place in my bookworm heart. Rather than used, I like to think of them as born again books. Yes, new books are great. Yes, there’s nothing like cracking open a new book for the first time; however, any book you’ve never read before could be considered a new book (even with its coffee stains and folded pages).

Now, what do I mean by born again books? I’ll tell you what I don’t mean. It’s a bad idea to dip any book into water or pour water on it (unless soggy pages are your thing, then carry on). What I mean is that each time a new reader opens a book, the story is born again.  It’s like a reset button was hit and their starting at level one. A little seed is planted into the reader’s mind and it will either sprout into a love and appreciation for the story or shrivel up and die from boredom and frustration. The characters are reintroduced and the plot begins its trek up the first hill of the roller coaster ride.  Over the river and through the woods to the final page is where the reader goes. Then, the book is shut and patiently waits for the next time it is opened.

That’s why I love used books as much if not more than new ones. Old doesn’t mean outdated and worthless. In fact, those books shout their worth out to you. They are so great that not only did their previous owner buy them, but they also felt that the books should be shared with the world. There are many dumpsters and trash cans in this world and yet those books avoided them. That says a lot. In fact, it says that today is your lucky day because for the price of a cubic zirconia, you can have all the diamonds you can carry.

So go out and support your local used book store. Those little gems inside are waiting on you to buy them and take them home.


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I'm an active reader and a habitual writer who loves the good, the bad, and the ugly of the literary world.

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