Top 5 Ways to Beat Writer’s Block

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Oh writer’s block, how I hate thee. It happens to the greatest and the not so great. It can manifest at the worst moments and chip away at your sanity like a vengeful sculptor.

So before you start pulling out those pitch forks and burning things at the stake, I’ll share a few ways I’ve overcame this madness we call writer’s block.

1. Take a break

If your mind has suddenly gone blank and your eyes are crossed from staring at a computer screen for hours, it’s time to take a break. No amount of staring is going to help that. Unless you want to make the corrective lens companies rich, I suggest you find something else to do. Go eat a snack, walk the dog, or just rest your eyes and mind with a quick nap. Short breaks are good for you, so use them.

2. Skip it

Jump over whatever it is that’s giving you trouble and just go back later to fill in the blanks. This definitely helps if you already have an outline of whatever it is that you’re writing. For example, I skipped #1, 3, and 4 when I was writing this. #2 was first, then 5, then the intro and conclusion, and finally the other tips.

3. Read something

Yep, take a break and read a book. If you’re writing an essay for school, read a textbook. Just make sure that whatever you’re reading can either jog your memory or give you new ideas about whatever it is you’re writing.

4. Don’t take it too seriously

Before you grab those pitch forks, I know that some assignments are very serious. For some of you, there’s a final grade at stake or even a paycheck. I can understand that but there’s a difference between good pressure and bad pressure.  The good one will give you that little push that you need to succeed. The bad one will make a mountain out of a mole hill and prevent you from even starting. Don’t torture yourself with the bad one. Bring that assignment back down to something that isn’t intimidating. A final essay in class is still just an essay.

5. Keep writing

Yeah, it’s a little cliche, but it works. When there’s a deadline and late work is not an option, you have to keep writing. I mostly did this for my school and work assignments but you can use this tip for anything. Just because you hit a bump in the road doesn’t mean you should give up. You still have to reach your destination, so keep moving forward.

So there you have it. My top five ways I’ve been able to overcome writer’s block. Comment below if you have any other tips to add.


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I'm an active reader and a habitual writer who loves the good, the bad, and the ugly of the literary world.

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