Fun Fact Friday- Scott Fitzgerald

In the spirit of the new movie, The Great Gatsby, I’ve decided to do a Fitzgerald post this time.

The Great Gatsby has become Fitzgerald’s most famous work. However, when the book was first published, it was not considered a success. Fitzgerald felt the lack of commercial appeal was due to the novel’s slim size. He felt audiences preferred longer, weightier works.” (Source: Bright Hub Education)

Do you know any other interesting facts about Fitzgerald?


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  1. We know a few fun facts about Fitzgerald, which we included in a recent post. Hope you don’t mind if we link to it here, as it develops the fact you mention here nicely!

  2. No, I don’t mind. In fact, I enjoyed reading your post about Fitzgerald and The Great Gatsby. I had no idea that he contributed to Gone with the Wind’s script.

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