First Impressions- Call of the Herald (Godsland Series: Book One)

(credit: goodreads)

(credit: goodreads)

Title: Call of the Herald (Godsland Series: Book One)

Author: Brian Rathbone

Original Book Description

Book One of The Dawning of Power trilogy. Echoes of the ancients’ power are distant memories, tattered and faded by the passage of eons, but that is about to change. A new dawn has arrived. Latent abilities, harbored in mankind’s deepest fibers, wait to be unleashed. Ancient evils awaken, and old fears ignite the fires of war. (Amazon)

The First Page:

To me, the first page is pretty average.  I was slightly intrigued as to why the general was paying particular attention to his appearance; however, it still didn’t grasp all of my attention. Furthermore, I was interested in this place he was traveling to since his unquestionable power was surpassed there. One thing I did find very interesting was the map. I haven’t read many fantasy books on the Kindle app so I was pleasantly surprised to see the map on the left side of the page while the Prologue started on the right.

The First Chapter 

I don’t want to say too much about the characters because I’m afraid I may spoil the book for some of you.  Basically, there are a few qualities I like about the MC, Catrin. She seems to have a good head on her shoulders, thoughtful, and she’s able to just know from a gut feeling when something isn’t right.  All are good qualities to me; however, I did dislike some things about her.  Number one, she has ostrich mentality.  What is ostrich mentality? She tends to think that sticking her head in the ground (metaphorically) and continued silence (even though she knows it doesn’t work) is better than any new suggestions proposed by her very dare devilish cousin.  In one particular scene she tries to rescue a friend and I was sorely let down by her inaction. It’s like jumping into the pool to save a drowning person and then floating beside them.  While I do dislike that about her, I like knowing that the MC isn’t perfect.

Out of all the other supporting characters, her cousin seemed the most interesting to me.  I liked his resolve to change their situation at school and oddly, his inability to foresee the consequences his actions cause.  I think this trait will eventually pull Catrin from the sidelines and through her into the middle of the action.


The plot is off to a good start.  It was a little slow in the beginning but it quickly picked up speed and was full steam ahead a few pages before the end of the first chapter.  I like the idea of the division of townsfolk and the people who live in the country.  The way the characters interact with each other is believable.  One thing I didn’t like was part of the class session.  I felt it was too much information from the teacher.  While that setting provides the perfect time to have an info dump, I just felt like the long passages could have been broken up by Catrin’s reaction to the lesson or even the other things happening in the classroom. In the end, I did find myself wanting to know what happened next to Catrin and the other characters.

Final Verdict

The First Page: 3

Characters: 4

Plot: 4

Would I continue reading it? Yes
Would I recommend it? Yes

Overall Impression: 3

Other Comments: Even though it got a 3, I would still say give this book a chance.

So has anybody else read this book? If so, what’s your opinion of it?


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