First Impression – Legon Awakening: Book One in the Legon Series by Nicholas Taylor

Title: Legon Awakening: Book One in the Legon Series

Author: Nicholas Taylor

Original Book Description

Set in a world that is not our own, Legon Awakening takes you through an epic journey into a land full of wonderment, illusion, and innovation.

Legon is a simple young man in the small town of Salmont, a town in the center of the Empire that few know about and even fewer care about. All he wishes to do is to start his own butcher shop and take care of his adopted sister and family. Legon is not from Salmont and echoes from his parents past are coming up to haunt him. Legon finds himself being caught in the war that claimed his biological parents lives and now threatens everything he has. He must flee from everything he knows and journey to land of his ancestors to keep all that he loves safe.

The first few pages of any book are some of the most important pages.  They give readers a sense of what the book is about and will either pull the reader into the story or make them shut the book and never open it again.  This is why I created the category called First Impression for my blog. I decided read the first chapter of a book and review it based on my impression of it.   The ranking that I came up with is only for the first chapter and does not reflect the book’s overall quality.

The First Page:

The first page is the beginning of the Prologue for this novel.  It starts out setting up the scene and introduces the reader to two characters, a Senashaw and a queen.  Although there is no clear description of the Senashaw’s appearance; it is easy to imagine what he may look like based on the glimpses of his personality.  The reader is given a little glimpse inside the character’s head without it disrupting the flow of the story.  There’s already the need to classify him as a villain just based on his thoughts, but I’ll hold off on my assumptions about this character. While it may not be an extremely fast paces scene opener, there is some action in it.  The scene has already posed questions of who or what is this Senashaw and why is he visiting the queen.

The First Chapter

In the first chapter, we are introduced to Legon and his sister Sasha.  While we also meet the rest of the family and a few other townsfolk, the chapter is centered on these two characters.  I did like how fleshed out both characters were.  They didn’t feel manufactured.  In fact, they had the right balance of traits to make them seem like real people.  I also found myself wanting to know more about them and caring about what happened to them.


If not for the prologue, I do not think I would have found the first chapter as interesting.  The entire first chapter focuses on the time before, during, and after Legon and Sasha’s picnic.  As I’ve stated before, this chapter focuses on introducing the main character, Legon, and his town.  The plot from the prologue is put on hold as we learn more about Legon and where he fits in this world.
Overall, the story seems very promising. It did capture my attention in the prologue and while the first chapters moved at a slower pace, it did still move.  There are many instances of foreshadowing that I think will come to pass later on in this book and that has definitely left me interested in what happens next.

Final Verdict:

The First Page: 4

Characters: 5

Plot: 4

Would I continue reading it? Yes
Would I recommend it? Yes

Overall Impression: 4

Have you read this book? What was your first impression of it?


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