Happy Valentine’s Day! …Yes, even for us singles.

Ah, Valentine’s Day.  The one day out of the year where every single American knows that they’re, well, single.  It’s the day for love, happiness, and happy couples rubbing their sugary-sweet love in single’s faces.  I’m not bashing couples.  You all should be happy.  If you’re going to be unhappy with your significant other, you might as well be single.  The term, “I can do bad by myself” comes to mind.  No, I’m not trying to ruin this joyful occasion for couples, but I do have something to say to the singles out there.  Stop thinking of it as a couples’ holiday!  Yes, all phone lines, social media feeds, and prime time hours are filled with chocolate-dripping, rose scented declarations of love to perfect people in other perfect people’s lives, but that doesn’t mean that singles should feel left out.

We shouldn’t spend 364 days searching for that special someone by V-Day so we can have candy, flowers, presents, and public acknowledgement of our ability to find a suitable mate.  No, we should make Valentine’s day a fun day for us.  A day that doesn’t make the words alone and lonely synonyms.  This should be a day of new reality television of the ultimate love game.

*Cue action movie announcer voice*

24 hours, nearly 312.8 million people with some already taken, it’s zombies vs humans… Valentine style! Singles will be given a card with a name and picture, and must find that special someone somewhere in America’s 50 states before time runs out.  Each new couple becomes a zombie and must do whatever it takes to stop the humans*.  On February 15th, the group with the lowest numbers will be slimed…Nickelodeon style!

*End action movie announcer voice*

Or we can just continue with what we’re already doing like single’s night at clubs, and tips on daytime talk shows on how singles can enjoy this holiday too.

So what do you all think? Is Valentine’s day a couples only holiday in the US or do you see a large presence of singles also celebrating this holiday in the media?


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