Libraries: A Clear Past and An Unknown Future

I’m no stranger to the public library as I’m sure most people aren’t.  Even if someone doesn’t visit a library they can probably guess what a library is and the services it offers.  I just finished reading an article on Publisher’s Weekly called “Libraries: Good Value, Lousy Marketing” by Brian Kenney.  The article discusses all that libraries have to offer in this day and age and how many people know of and utilize these services. I thought the article was very intriguing because of the results of the different surveys and studies.  I also liked how it illustrated the supply and demand in terms of what libraries offer now and what people still hope to see in the future.  It also made one thing clear to me, public libraries are still viewed as an important part of any community even in this digital age.  The fact that people are requesting more rather than labeling these places as obsolete is in my opinion, a very good sign.

I must say that prior to volunteering at a public library, I was one of those people who had limited knowledge of a libraries services.  I won’t count school libraries in with the public ones because I feel that the school ones are catered to the school’s needs.  Public libraries are their own entity.  It wasn’t until I was in college before I truly dived into the pool that is public libraries.  My own favorite public library offers classes from math tutoring to Zumba in their adjacent community center rooms.  My favorite amenities are the eBook lending program, computer reservations, and of course the ability to browse and check out physical books.

So tell me, what do you all think of the article?  What are your favorite amenities at your community’s public library?


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