That’s not the personality I wanted!

Have you ever taken a personality test online?  I don’t mean one of those basic ones which always seem to be an extension of High School Musical or Twilight boyfriends for teens, but a real personality test.  One that makes you answer a series of very detailed questions, reveals your results, and then explains said results.  The types of personality test that can either concur with your prior thoughts about yourself or can shock you to find out that your personality is much more different than you previously thought.  I’m talking about those personality tests.  The ones with more unambiguous questions and an almost scholarly approach to analyzing your results.  I like these types of personality tests.  The questions don’t lead to a four-answer result that tries to fit everyone into nice, little categories.  Your results seem less generic and more specific to you.

One type of personality test I enjoy taking, is the psychology based one. These are the types of tests I feel are most revealing of a person.

Example: You’re traveling down a road and you read a fork.  One path leads to a forest, the other leads to a beach.  Which path do you choose?

Okay, my example is horrible and doesn’t do any of these tests any justice, but you get the idea?  There’s no multiple choice to choose from.  The questions are situational and every choice made has a hidden meaning that will be revealed at the end.  There are no generic results to sum up all people of a similar opinion.  Every answer is truly fine-tuned to that person taking the test.  There’s a saying that people should allow their friends or close relatives to take a personality test for them.  It’s because most people answer them based on who they want to be rather than who they truly are, so having another person take the test will give more accurate results.

Another use for personality tests is for the character building process.  Of course, not all tests will be of use, but a lot of them can help the writer flesh out characters that they are having trouble with.  I know some of my characters are difficult to write about because I don’t know how they would react in different situations and everything I write looks out of place in my story.  I have used a personality test for one of my characters, and while it didn’t solve everything, it did provide me with a new perspective on them.  The results put into words what I couldn’t and made it easier to write about this character.

So here’s my question.  What is your view on personality tests?  Whether they’re online or in paper form, do you love them or hate them?


Here’s a better one.

Question: You are now in an art gallery. You see many pictures and sculptures as you walk around in the gallery. Suddenly, you see a sculpture that looks a lot like you. What would be your thoughts when you look at it?


This is what you think when you look at yourself in the mirror.


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