Good Ol’ Cup of Antioxidants

Let’s talk about coffee. That good ol’ cup of Joe *cue coffee commercial music*.  Coffee wakes you up and gets you moving.  The sun rises, the birds chirp, and you’re beckoned into your kitchen by that freshly brewed smell of heaven on earth.  Coffee changes people and people change the world.  Therefore, if I use my limited knowledge of algebra equations a=b, b=c, so a=c; coffee changes the world.  Want to be a night owl?  Drink some coffee.  Want to be that early bird who catches the worm?  Drink some coffee.

Things get done when people drink coffee, especially for writers.  Novels are finished, queries are sent, and there’s nothing like sipping from that ice cold cup of murky Joe as quarter sized tears run down your face while you read through that rejection letter.  Then you warm up that coffee, take a sip, and hop right back on to the query letter train.  That’s the power of coffee; it’s also the inner strength of the person, but mostly the power of coffee.  Remember that algebra equation?  Well you don’t have to remember it because the answer is always coffee.

Now that I’ve finished my soapbox speech, here’s a revelation for everyone.  I don’t like coffee *gasp*.  I know coffee changes people and people change the world, so if I’m not drinking coffee then I’m not doing much changing, but hear me out.  I want to like coffee but I just don’t.  Hot coffee always burns my tongue and iced coffee ends up becoming a cup of artificially sweetened sugar water.  Here’s a scenario that happened recently.

Friend: “What’s the point in paying $3.50 for sugar water you can make yourself?”

Me: “It’s not sugar water, it’s coffee.”

Friend: “Well, you don’t have enough coffee in your sugar water.”

Me: *glare* …It has milk in it too.

I go to the coffee shops and find creative ways to cover the taste of coffee.  I do admit that I love the smell of coffee especially when it’s fresh coffee beans being ground and then brewed.  However, my taste buds and my nose have a long way to go before they ever sign a treaty.  I’ll order a cup of coffee sandwiched between a caramel bottom and a whipped cream top sprinkled with powdered sugar.  This brings me to another reason why I don’t like coffee.  It’s unhealthy for me.  Coffee is great for those who can’t start the day without it, but it becomes the ultimate sugar rush and diet killer if I try to drink it.  My coffee always comes with an entourage.

So in place of the coffee, I prefer a good ol’ cup of green tea.  I love green tea.  I vouch for green tea whenever and wherever I can.  Got a cold?  Green tea.  Upset stomach?  Green tea.  Want to feel healthier today?  Green tea.  Are you sitting there minding your own business but I’m bored so I’m going to start a conversation with you?  Guess what we’re going to talk about?  Green tea.  No matter the price, I’ll buy boxes of green tea and add it to my stockpile.  I have my own brewing ritual that I must always follow when brewing and drinking my green tea.  I can drink it hot or cold with or without sugar.  I just love green tea.

So here is my question fellow readers and writers.  What do you brew?  Fill in the blank.  I like to start my day off with a good ol’ cup of______.


About cozycommons

I'm an active reader and a habitual writer who loves the good, the bad, and the ugly of the literary world.

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  1. Haha. My husband doesn’t care for coffee either, though he gets his caffeine fix via unsweetened ice tea.

  2. I like ice tea too even though I tend to add a few sweeteners to it. Hahaha.

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