Remember to Write!

I’m an info fanatic especially when it pertains to writing.  I love reading books and articles that list guidelines and tips on improving all aspects of the writing process.  I just can’t get enough of the overflow of information that seeps in when I read.  I’m also a firm believer of learning from those who have succeeded even if the path they created is not the one you want for your journey.  There are so many things that others have learned from experience that I would be an idiot to not pay attention to them.  I haven’t won any major awards nor do I have multiple published books under my belt.  One of my greatest assets right now is the information that seasoned writers are willing to share with the general public and my ability to soak everything up like a sponge.

I like knowing the details of how some successful authors were able to write amazing stories and how they continue to astound their readers.  I’m relieved to know that even the best have their bad days when nothing on paper comes out the way they wanted it to.  I also love seeing the ordinary person behind the powerful names of my favorite authors and knowing that at the end of the day; they’re regular people who just happen to write great stories.

Nevertheless, a writer who doesn’t write isn’t a writer.  As much as I love reading about other people’s joys and challenges in writing, I know that I can’t grow by just watching.  I have to practice just like they do.  There’s no magic pill that can instantly make me the best writer of all time.  There’s only dedication and a willingness to grow and mold myself into the best writer I can become.

As a writer I must write.  It doesn’t make sense for a surgeon to never perform a surgery or a teacher to never teach and then claim that they are the best at their craft because they watched others.  Watching House doesn’t make me a doctor nor does watching a professor in the classroom make me one of them.  At some point I have to put on their shoes and walk in them to truly learn and understand what they do.  There’s no way I can claim their title without this happening.

Now there may be others who disagree with me but I do believe that some things (like writing, teaching, and performing surgeries) rely heavily on experience.  Experience is just something that can’t be learned from a book or taught.  It must be something that is gained after an action or decision.

So when I read other author’s articles or books, I always remind myself to write.  Writing will get me closer to finishing my own novel and learning more about the craft.  Writing.  It’s something a writer must eventually do.

What do you all think?  Is it all about the writing or can there be a balance?

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I'm an active reader and a habitual writer who loves the good, the bad, and the ugly of the literary world.

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