Things I can’t write without

There are some things that I need in order to write.  It’s like the words in my head can’t be written unless I have these things close by.  Here are my top three items.

Pen- I love pens.  If I could go on a shopping spree, I’m probably sure I’d spend 10% of my money on pens.  I just can’t live without them.  There’s just something about the way a pen fits in my hand that’s different and superior to a pencil.  Yes, pencils give me the option of erasing, but pens look amazing on paper.  Moreover, they glide as I write so my horrendous scribble that I consider penmanship looks much better to the average person.

Notebook/Notepad- I love all types of notebooks but I prefer ones with spiral binders.  The only time I make an exception is when I’m purchasing a journal.  I like writing in notebooks over loose paper since I tend to misplace papers if they aren’t inside of some kind of folder.  I also enjoy writing outside of my home so keeping all of my documents together is a must for me.  Besides, I love the unique designs that are on the cover of notebooks.

Music- I’m actually listening to music as I write this.  That’s how much I need it.  I usually listen to songs that can provide me with good background noise without pulling my attention away from my main task.  It’s usually movie soundtracks or any type of music that’s soothing or relaxing.  I tend to stay away from songs with too many lyrics and music that’s too upbeat.

So fellow readers and writers, what do you need in order to write?

**Item that didn’t make the list: computer


About cozycommons

I'm an active reader and a habitual writer who loves the good, the bad, and the ugly of the literary world.

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